I’m a Wanderer

I never thought as an English major that I would find myself in the world of marketing and advertising. I don’t know why really. I mean, not all English majors don a tweed jacket with elbow patches and a pair of spectacles for reading papers (though to be honest, I do love my tweeds). While … More I’m a Wanderer

Finding a Little Place

Lately my writing has been taken over by job applications, personal statements, and cover letters. I’ve been aching to find a moment for myself and write freely. I’ve undergone two job interviews now, applications to professional programs, and a multitude of the impersonal monotony that is online applications. Planning for the future and trying to … More Finding a Little Place

Writing It Out

As hundreds of writers are heaving their way through NaNoWri 2014, I am feeling overwhelmingly at peace with a short(ish) story I just finished. Awhile back, I was trudging through a lot of personal chaos. In many respects, I still am. In 20 days I will be finished with college and embarking on a very … More Writing It Out

Braving the story

Over Labor Day weekend I found myself happily holed up at my family’s cabin and it made me think how wonderful it is to have a place to just be. I think we all search for places like this, and most people try their best to make their home that safe place where they can … More Braving the story